Everything you need to know about public transport in Rome and the Roma Pass

Despite many of Rome’s attractions being within walking distance of each other, using public transport can be convenient. Public transport in Rome is well organized, with buses, trams, and metros available. With the Roma Pass, a kind of public transport card, you can travel for a certain number of hours on all these modes of transport. Additionally, the Roma Pass offers several discounts on attractions.

Public transport

Paying for public transport in the metro, bus, and tram is done through the same system. You can buy single tickets at the ticket offices or purchase a ticket that is valid for multiple days. Note that you cannot buy single tickets on the bus or tram itself. You must always do this in advance at the station at one of the kiosks or ticket machines. A standard ticket is valid for 100 minutes and costs €1.50.


The metro lines are mainly useful when you want to cover a longer distance. Rome has two metro lines that run quite frequently and regularly. Metro line A, also known as the red line, runs from Battistini to Anagnina. Metro line B, also known as the blue line, runs from Rebibbia to Laurentina. The two lines intersect at Termini; the central train station.

A third metro line has been in the works for years, but the exact completion date is not yet known. However, a portion of the third line has already been put into operation. Metro line C, also known as the green line, currently runs from San Giovanni to Monte Compatri.

Bus and tram

In addition, Rome also has an extensive network of buses and trams. These are complementary to the metro network and take you everywhere the metro cannot reach. The bus network is quite complex and the buses do not always run on time. The tram network is also quite small; there are six different lines. Some of the most important buses and trams for the sights are:

> Bus 40 and bus 64: Piazza Venetia and Vatican City

> Bus 60: Piazza Venetia, Coloseum and Circo Massimo

> Tram 8: Piazza Venetia and Trastevere

> Bus 62: Spanish Steps, Piazza Venetia and Vatican City

> Bus 81: Vatican Museum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and Coloseum

> Tram 19: Vatican City, Piazza dei Gerani and Villa Borghese

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Rome - Colosseum
Rome - Forum Romanum
Rome - Trevi fontein

Roma Pass

The Roma Pass can be seen as a basic public transport card. Especially when you stay in the Italian capital for more than 24 hours – which we definitely recommend! – this is an advantageous option. In addition to providing access to public transport, this card also offers many benefits at attractions.

There are two different types of Roma Pass; one that is valid for 48 hours and one that is valid for 72 hours.

Roma Pass - 48 hours

– Visit the first museum or archaeological site for free*

– Unlimited travel by public transport for 48 hours

– Discounts and special prices for events and exhibitions.

Costs: €32.00

Roma Pass - 72 hours

– Visit the first two museums or archaeological sites for free*

– Unlimited travel by public transport for 72 hours

– Discounts and special prices for events and exhibitions.

Costs: €52.00

* including the Coloseum, Circo Massimo, Forum Romanum, Terme di Caracalla and much more.

Rome - Sint Pietersbasiliek
Rome - Sint Pieterplein