About us

Hello, we are Goort and Nadia, and we both love to travel.

During our studies, as 21 and 20 year olds, we left for half a year to the other side of the world to study in Hong Kong. Living together in this metropolis was a great experience. We lived in a small neighborhood in a room of only 6 square meters in the house of a friendly but at the time unfamiliar elderly woman. We alternated our long days at university in Hong Kong with escapes to all the beautiful and remarkable that Asia has to offer. For example, we traveled for weeks through Taiwan, China, Thailand and Vietnam.

After returning to the Netherlands, we always seized every opportunity to travel to unknown places, from short city trips to months of traveling around. For example, we visited several countries in Europe, and went on a 5-week tour through the United States of America. We also went to Panama for a month to do volunteer work there, we stood in Times Square on New Years Eve, we traveled to Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba for our honeymoon, and we made a wonderful trip through Jordan.

Travel Family

With Travel Family we hope to inspire, enthuse and facilitate everyone to travel and discover! Whether it is a city trip in Europe or a trip through distant continents, you will find memorable experiences everywhere!

Travel Family started its journey in 2020 and has developed and grown tremendously since then. Before the establishment of Travel Family, we experienced how important and fun making and recording memories is. However, it is much more fun to be able to share all these memories with friends, family or loved ones. This has prompted us to start a travel blog in 2020 . On this blog we share, amongst other things, travel guides, advice and personal experiences. Not only for backpackers and world travelers, but also for families enjoying an occasional trip.

In order to better serve travel enthusiasts, we have also been offering travel products ourselves through our webshop since 2022. Honest and high-quality products that we support 100%. Through our webshop we offer a rapidly growing and varied range that is constantly updated with the latest trendy and innovative products. All products are of European quality and are delivered from Europe. With our products you will enjoy wonderful experiences without any worries.

In short, through the Travel Family platform we share our experiences, advice and products so that you too can go on a trip and experience all the beauty of our wonderful world!

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