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Why the Jordan Pass is a good deal

Jordan is a versatile country which is ideal for an adventurous tour. Spread across the country you will find a number of beautiful and unique sights, such as the world wonder Petra, the Dead Sea and Wadi Rum. Fortunately, many of these sights are included in the Jordan Pass. In this blog we explain exactly what the Jordan Pass is, and where you can buy it.

What is the Jordan Pass?

Jordan has created a pass especially for all tourists to get the most out of your visit to the country. The Jordan Pass actually contains two major benefits. If you already purchase the Jordan Pass before departure to Jordan and stay for at least 3 nights, the costs of the tourist visa are covered by the Jordan Pass. You then no longer have to pay for a visa upon arrival in Jordan, which normally costs about €50. In addition, the Jordan Pass gives access to more than 40 different attractions throughout Jordan. The attractions covered by the Jordan Pass include Jerash, Wadi Rum, the citadel and Roman theater of Amman, Al-Karak Castle and many more. In addition, the entrance for one or more days to the wonder of the world Petra is also included in the Jordan Pass.

The different versions of the Jordan Pass

There are three different versions of the Jordan Pass. The only difference between the three versions is the number of days you would like to visit Petra.

Jordan Wanderer

– Tourist visa

– More than 40 points of interest

– 1 day access to Petra

Cost: 70 JD / €90

Jordan Explorer

– Tourist visa

– More than 40 points of interest

– Access to Petra for 2 consecutive days

Cost: 75 JD / €98

Jordan Expert

– Tourist visa

– More than 40 points of interest

– Access to Petra for 3 consecutive days

Cost: 80 JD / €105

Where and when is the best time to buy the Jordan Pass?

You can purchase the Jordan Pass from the official Jordan Pass website. Please note that you do need a credit card to make the payment. We recommend that you purchase the Jordan Pass in good time before you leave for Jordan. In principle, you will receive the Jordan Pass immediately after ordering, but purchasing the Jordan Pass a few days in advance seems smart to us to avoid annoying situations. The Jordan Pass is valid for 12 months after ordering.

After the first use of the Jordan Pass at one of the attractions, the pass is usable for another two weeks. Also keep in mind that you must always show your passport when using the Jordan Pass.

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